"I've got this guitar and songs on the shelf, and I've got these dreams that wont chase themselves" Nick Machado - The Curse 

Nick Machado


In the style of “Acoustirockicana,” a genre cocktail of singer/songwriter-folk rock-country-Americana, Nick curiously explores his life and the world around him, through song.

2013 was Nicks last time on stage fronting his pop punk band, The Hit System.  He took some space to find himself as a father and a husband, then came back in 2017 with his first solo record “Restlessness.”  Since then he’s released “Adrift” (2018), “While I’m Here” (2019) and a short stack of singles, which all paint the picture of an ongoing musical journey that blends his Punk Rock background and folk singer-songwriter interests.

Currently playing guitar in the Sonoma county punk band, My Last Line, (for fans of Bad religion/Face To Face), and his background with The Hit System, Punk/Ska Project “The Semi-Annual” and even dipping into Punk/Ska for kids with “Skadaddle”, you’ll find him belting hooks and melodies with the same energy and passion, and a message that has brought him closer to music than ever.

“I write as I’m inspired.  I have done my best to push myself as a musician and not focus my sound on a single style or genre.  The result is a catalog of original tunes that I can pull from to comfortably play in front of a diverse range of audiences.  From coffee shops to bars and punk venues…I’ve had a setlist that has worked across the board.  And I love it.”